Bespoke Customisations

Hand painted bespoke customisation from footwear artist Darnell sterling (@ByDarnelleach pair is designed, prepared, painted and finished by hand using only the finest products and equipment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Due to the manufacture shortages of the trainers we use for our customs, please allow up to 60-90 days to receive your custom footwear. In most occasions you can expect them to arrive sooner however this is just a maximum time frame to allow us to complete and dispatch your order.

All custom pieces that are made by us are fully wearable for fashion purposes only this includes light and casual wear, Each piece is finished with a clear-coat sealer which protects the paint on your footwear from light damage while also waterproofing them.

more example of our work please visit our Instagram @restorationplug or you can enquire using the form below. 

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